50 Rules for Teenagers ch 40 & 41

As we mentioned on the forum we’ll be working on 1-2 projects for 1-2 months because we’re low on members. The two projects we’re  currently working on are 50 rules for teenagers and Team Medical Dragon. Here are two chapters of 50 Rules as promised. Hopefully, next weekend we’ll have TMD for you.




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3 Responses to 50 Rules for Teenagers ch 40 & 41

  1. Mierten says:

    Thanks for what you do.
    This and Team Medial Dragon are the two series that you do that I enjoy the most!

  2. citrine says:

    Hi! I just want to thank Outerworld Scans for scanlating this manga! I was so happy to discover that this series was being updated and thank you for doing that. You guys are awesome!! Keep up the great work!

  3. Ciccy says:

    I wanted to thank your team too. I’ve recently known about the manwha “50 rules for teenagers” and I’m obsessed with this. I’m so grateful that you’ve made us discover about it. I wish I was good with korean to help. You make me so happy, I wanna cry. This is too good. Hopefully someone will finally help with.
    I hope to get noticed when it finally gets an update.

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