Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why did you change your name from LiVelY sCaNs to Outerworld Scans?
….I don’t really know how to answer that one. Hmm… Let’s see, I ‘ll just say some things happened internally, and I started the group over with a new name… Lazy-Ass scans and Deadbeat scans were taken, so I came up with “Outerworld scans.” A play on out of this world. We’re so awesome that we may be from out of this world… Lame, I know 🙂

2. Can I recommend a manga/manhwa/manhua for you to scanlate?
Last time around, “we” meaning “I” committed to too many projects. As such, it all depends on whether the raws are in good condition, if you have a translator ready to translate it, and if we have people available to work on it. Mangaupdates is a good site that you can use to refer to us, or verify information with. You can make a request in the manga recommendation section in our forum.

3. Can I/we use scans or translation from a Outerworld Scans project you currently scanlate, and translate it into another language?
I don’t care anymore, just do it. Let me rephrase that, we allow international groups (non-English natives) to use our scans. We ask that you leave our credit and recruitment page within the chapters, though.

4. How can I help you guys?
You can help us by donating. You can also help us by joining our world. We’re always in dire need of translators  (Japanese>English), cleaners, and typesetters too. If none of these get you going, then leaving a (nice) comment will do. We love being praised (joking). But seriously, your support is what keeps us going.

5. Where can I find the releases?
You can access our releases through our forum and on our reader.
Sometimes you can find them on Batoto.net too, but remember to stop by here first.

6. How to Download from our site? It’s easy!
You can register in our forum and get direct download links.
(Also, you can leave a comment while you at it XD. You know, which project you are reading and whether you like it or not! We always welcome feedback, or even a simple thank you!)

7. Why is _______ dropped?

If the project is licensed in the US, we’ll drop it. If  another group is releasing the same project, we’ll drop it.  If we lost interest, we’ll drop it.

8. When will the next chapter of _______ be released?

We try to do weekly releases, but if we are behind, we are behind. Avoid asking us this question, it’s really annoying.

Post a comment in our forum. 

You may also email us at outerworldscans@gmail.com

5 Responses to F.A.Q

  1. Harutora says:

    Do you accept joints? If so, do you usually allow your translators to help the other group? If not, is it the other way around most of the time?

  2. jessica neema says:


    I have entire series of Torikago no Tsugai, and friend translated it from chinese. I uploaded chapter 14 on bato.to but it is in terrible shape. Would you do typestting and clear things up? and speaking of translating, could you translate a few good pixic comics for me? i read some great stories.

    • Bosslady26 says:

      We actually have our own version ch 14 typesetted we’ll be releasing next week since I’m on vacation now. Pixic comics?

  3. Cherry says:

    Are you guys still releasing Jigokudou Reikai Tsuushin? And how soon will it be released?

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