Layers. Exactly as the name implies. Layers are a native and extremely useful part of Photoshop. Layers allow you to “layer” things on top of each other, be they text, colors, duplicate layers, images–what have you. Without the use of Layers, every edit made to an image would be slapped on top of the previous edit. Layers are one of the many reasons why Photoshop is the best editing software out there (and that’s not just a matter of opinion ).

Levels. Levels are used to change the “level” of blacks, whites, and grays. They can be accessed through Image > Adjustments > Levels. Levels allow the user to darken or lighten an image by changing the blacks, whites, and grays on the image.

Photoshop. Photoshop is an .exe application created by Adobe. It is the main program used by scanlators and serves many purposes. It is a huge step up from programs like Microsoft Paint, and consists of many tools. It can be downloaded from The latest version of Photoshop is Photoshop CS5.

Pen Tool. The Pen tool is used for many things. It can be used to redraw  lines or parts of an image. It can able be used in design or to fill in black and white areas on an image. Another important purpose is for rendering, though that is not as widely used in redrawing. The pen tool can also create/fill a vector shape.

.rar. A .rar is one of the many methods that allow you to compress a file/set of files. These files can be “extracted” (basically downloaded to your computer) from a software called Win-Rar also that allows you to compress files. An alternative to .rar is .zip.

RAWs. RAWs are the untouched/non-cleaned version of an image, especially in manga. RAWs can be written as Raws, raws, or whatever the writer prefers. These pages of manga have been scanned in by a raw provider, but have not been processed through cleaning, typesetting and quality checking.

Redraws. A redraw is exactly as the name implies. It is the redrawing, reforming, of a missing part on an image. The missing portion can be a line, or a gaping hole in the middle of something–what have you. All cleaners need to be acquainted with this and have it mastered to some degree. Redraws are often done with the pen tool or a tablet.

Text tool. The Text tool is used in typesetting or generally placing text on an image. Like the Brush tool the Text tool is universal and can be found in many image editing applications. There are two ways to use this tool: one is to create a text box selection (by click-dragging the Text tool) or by simply clicking and typing.

Photoshop Tools. The Photoshop tools can be located on the Toolbar. There is a huge variety of tools that you can use for editing manga or just general image editing. It would be best to acquaint yourself with these tools, as most of them can be used in manga editing.

Topaz Clean. Topaz Clean is a filter that you plugin to Photoshop. Its attributes are exactly as the name implies. Topaz Denoise cleans the image in a way different than “manual cleaning.” It can sharpen the lines and the edges of the iamge, or simply clean up extra left over dust. This software is recommended for cleaners by many scanlators. Topaz Clean can be used hand-in-hand with Topaz Denoise.

Topaz Denoise. Topaz Denoise is a filter that you plugin to Photoshop. Its attributes are exactly what the name implies. Topaz Denoise will remove the “noise” or “dirt” on the RAW form of an image, or any image with noise. Topaz is the most preferred and highly rated denoiser that scanlators use. It can be downloaded from Topaz will consume a lot of your computer’s speed when it’s being used. If you have a slow computer, try to close all other applications and just let Topaz work.

.zip. A .zip is the standard compression method for Windows PC computers. If you select a file/set of files, then right click, there is an option to compress those files into a Compressed Zipped folder. That is a .zip file. There is also Winzip, which is a software that allows you to view those files, or “extract” them (basically download them to your computer).

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About Scanlating Positions:

Raw Provider/Scanner – [OPEN] no test required

The raw provider is expected to either scan the series for us or buy it for us.

Translators – [OPEN]

The translator translates manga/manhua/manhwa into English.  You need to have a firm grasp of the language you are translating from.The translator translates manga/manhua/manhwa into English.  You need to have a firm grasp of the language you are translating from.  You type up a transcript of sorts for the proofreader to proofread and the typesetter to typeset.  Besides the Boss you are considered one of the most awesomeness members 😉

We are currently looking for Japanese, Chinese and Korean  to English translators.


Proofreader [OPEN]

The job is to read the translation (English) and make sure that there are no grammatical mistakes, that sentences flow smoothly and that it makes sense.


Typesetter [OPEN]

A typesetter has to put the translated text into the cleaned pages.


Cleaner/Editor [OPEN]

A cleaner/editor needs to have  basic knowledge in photo editing.
A cleaners’ job is croping and re-sizing the pages, leveling, redrawing some parts, cleaning the pages of texts in bubbles (sometimes also SFX) in order for the typesetter do his/her job. (Editing program, preferably Photoshop, is an necessity) You are allowed to use any version of Photoshop, though it is preferred that you use Photoshop CS2 + (preferably CS4/CS5) or Photoshop Elements for compatibility issues.



A quality checker should possess the skills of a cleaner, typesetter, and a proofreader. The QC-ers’ job is to take a look at the finished project and see whether anything is missing (Examples: parts that are in need of redrawing, an empty bubble etc. Also an editing program, preferably Photoshop,  is a necessity. So is previous experience (in either quality control or editing)



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  1. Niixi says:

    I’d be interested in joining as a QCer. (And maybe as an extra graphic artists lol) 🙂

  2. Debbie Vu says:

    I’d be interested in joining as a Proofreader. Mainly because I’d love to see more 9-5 come out.

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