Savanna Game ch 21 & 22


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TMD ch 151


TMD is back

TMD chapter 150

Fantasy World Survival ch 61 and 62


Rakshasa Street ch 53

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Rakshasa Street Ch 51 & 52

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I’m Back!!

So, I finally got my internet back. I’m in the process of still scanning TMD and typesetting  for my other projects. Releases probably won’t start until the weekend or next week but, releases will begin soon.


So since I moved I’m still in process of getting settled in. Right now I have no internet but I’m still finding a way to get things done. Just letting everyone know that releases will be coming out but they’ll be slow until I get secure internet.

Sorry No Releases

No releases this week because I’m finally packing and moving. Hopefully when I’m settled I’ll be able to start scanning Team Medical Dragon.

Jigokudou Reikai Tsuushin ch 14

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