Rakshasa Street

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Rakshasa Street, one of many Requiem Streets, a place where spirits and humans co-exist. Not all humans can enter a Requiem Street, only those rare-soul users with guardian spirits may. Xia Ling was just a normal university intern, but a chance meeting changes her ordinary life... In this world full of evil spirits, can she cooperate with her guardian spirit in order to survive?
Ch 059 BonfireRead
Ch 058 RoadblockRead
Ch 057 MirrageRead
Ch 056 Cremation Part 2Read
Ch 055 CremationRead
Ch 054 GaleRead
Ch 053 Bug RaidRead
Ch 052 Ecstasy IncenseRead
Ch 051 The HuntRead
Ch 050 Breaking DawnRead
Ch 049 PrologueRead
Ch 048 I am LegendRead
Ch 047 Life Is But A DreamRead
Ch 046 HeroicRead
Ch 045 FearlessRead
Ch 044 Golden DuskRead
Ch 043 The Hidden WeaponRead
Ch 042 Unanticipated Move Pt 2Read
Ch 041 Unanticipated Move Pt 1Read
Ch 040 Turning the TideRead
Ch 039 FathomlessRead
Ch 038 IncomparableRead
Ch 037 Two TyrantsRead
Ch 036 Rinsing Blood with BloodRead
Ch 035 Devil CaoRead
Ch 034 EndeavorRead
Ch 033 Demonic Bell of RetributionRead
Ch 032 Brutal PunishmentRead
Ch 031 Speaking Without WordsRead
Ch 030 Separated by the DistanceRead
Ch 029 YearningsRead
Ch 028 Mighty Tiger DuoRead
Ch 027 The Rise of a HeroRead
Ch 026 The End of the RoadRead
Ch 025 Imminent PerilRead
Ch 024 RuthlessRead
Ch 023 Ultimate Faceless Fire EmperorRead
Ch 022 Faceless Flame EmperorRead
Ch 021 Two MonstersRead
Ch 020 CorruptionRead
Ch 019 Unexpected Guest (Pt 2)Read
Ch 019 Unexpected Guest (Pt 1)Read
Ch 018 Bodhis WorldRead
Ch 017 Let the Journey BeginRead
Ch 016 Fallen AngelRead
Ch 015 Besieged From All SidesRead
Ch 014 I Rule Above AllRead
Ch 013 Body of a Material GodRead
Ch 012 The Four Sacred TreesRead
Ch 011 Tathata of the Four DirectionsRead
Ch 010 Turbulent TimesRead
Ch 009 An Irresistible ForceRead
Ch 008 Gourd of PurificationRead
Ch 007 The Last StandRead
Ch 006 IntruderRead
Ch 005 Pear Blossoms in the StormRead
Ch 004 Chains of the HeartRead
Ch 003 Hell RoadsRead
Ch 002.7 Side Story Pt 2Read
Ch 002.6 Side Story Pt 1Read
Ch 002.5 PreviewRead
Ch 002 The Great GeneralRead
Ch 001 Night Procession Of A Hundred Demons by Maelstrom Unto Vivian's Antyhign ScansRead
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